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20-23 November 2020

Main rally - Saturday 21 November 6-8pm


Reasons for you to be part of this socialist forum

Capitalism is in deep crisis. As always it’s the working class who are expected to pay. Poverty preys. Job losses abound. 

But revolt is in the air. 

Covid showed us we can’t trust the boss class with our future.

Capitalism means racism, environmental destruction and catastrophe for our health and that of future generations; it brings war and terror; and with capitalism comes sexism, homophobia and discrimination.

The big question is how can the movements being built become powerful enough to make the change that’s needed? 

Socialism 2020 is a weekend dedicated to discussion and debate on the socialist ideas needed to transform the world. 

A democratic socialist society would be able, through democratically planning the use of the world’s enormous wealth and resources by the working class, to provide decent jobs, homes, services and a future for everyone. 

This will be an online event - but if the opportunity to have in-person meetings arises you can decide to upgrade your ticket or keep a virtual pass



 Meetings will be on zoom and you will need data or internet or a phone line to join them.  

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One workshop: 

  • £2

  • £1 unwaged/low-waged

  • solidarity£5

Three workshops: 

  • £5

  • £2.50 unwaged/low-waged

  • £10 solidarity

Whole event: 

  • £20

  • £10 unwaged/low-waged

  • £30 solidarity

Buy and register:
Phone: 020 8988 8777
Cheques made out to Socialist Party to PO Box 1398, Enfield, EN1 9GT

Ticket prices

If you don’t already have a zoom account, don’t worry – it is very easy to set one up.

If you don’t have internet, you can attend via your phone, although you obviously won’t be able to see people but you can still hear the discussion and participate.

After you pay for your chosen ticket – one session, bundle of three or the whole event, we will send you a form so you can register for the workshops you wish to attend.

Then closer to the time we will send you the zoom codes and links for your chosen sessions.



How can a mass working class political voice be built?

Saturday 11am - 1pm

Labour councils: a potential counter power to the Tories?

Saturday 2-4pm


Where is Britain going?

Sunday 11am -1pm

What now for the fight against austerity?

Sunday 2-4pm

Is Scotland on the road to independence?

Sunday 5-7pm


Can Keynesianism save capitalism?

Sunday 11am -1pm

Is fascism on the cards?

Sunday 2-4pm

Can green tech and AI save capitalism?

Sunday 5-7pm

World economy - is a 1930s-style depression inevitable?

Saturday 11am - 1pm

New world order: China and the US

Saturday 2-4pm



Lessons of the Black Panthers for the fight to smash racism today

Saturday 11am - 1pm

Police racism - how do we end it?

Saturday 2-4pm

Revolt or reform - how slavery was abolished?

Sunday 11am - 1 pm

Privilege & oppression? - ideas to smash racism

Sunday 2-4pm

How do we fight the far right?

Sunday 5-7pm



Speakers from the socialist and labour movement to be confirmed closer to the time. We hope this can have an in-person element but we will also confirm that closer to the date.

Watch this space!

All ticket holders can attend online.


Legacy of the collapse of Stalinism

Sunday 11am -1pm


Lessons for today from the new left formations

Sunday 2-4pm

Poll tax: how a mass movement won

Sunday 5-7pm



Revolution Betrayed: what happened in the USSR?

Sunday 11am - 1pm

How do we get from here to socialism?

Sunday 2-4pm

Do we still need a theory of Permanent Revolution?

Sunday 5-7pm


Is Pride political? How can LGBT+ liberation be won?

Monday 11am -1pm

Are women going back to the 1950s?

Monday 2-4pm


Is Cuba socialist?

Saturday 11am - 1pm

Is the working class still the agent of socialist change?

Saturday 2-4pm


Reading the Communist Manifesto

Monday 11am -1pm

Reading Socialism: Utopian & Scientific

Monday 2-4pm

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The Socialist Party hosts this event to bring together all those who want to discuss ideas about how to change the world. 
Socialism 2020 is open to everyone, but we want you to join the Socialist Party. If you would like to link up with the Socialist Party in your area, to attend a meeting, to discuss with local members and establish if there’s a basis of political agreement, get in touch via the details below. 
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Our branches meet every week, online or in-person, for inclusive and democratic political discussion and to organise alongside campaigns, trade unions and activists to fight back. We are also part of a socialist world organisation, the Committee for a Workers’ International.

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Capitalism is an international system. That is why the Socialist Party is part of a worldwide struggle for socialism. We are affiliated to the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) linking up with socialist fighters across the world, learning from each other, and fighting for Marxist ideas. Wherever we organise our members help build the maximum unity of working class and young people in the struggle to defend living conditions and fight for a socialist alternative to capitalism.

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