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        Our Mission: To Pursue Excellence in Every Endeavor and Serve the Community Wholeheartedly
          No individual entity can exist independent of society; the value of an individual entity lies not only in the wealth that it possesses, but also in its contribution to society. Xiamen International Airport Group (XIAGC) is fully aware of this point, and is striving to realize this objective of providing better products to serve the society, more fortune to feed back the society and finer image to showcase the society.
        Operational Guideline: To Convert the Market Opportunities into Corporate Profits and Ensure Steady and Healthy Development with Efficient Operations
          Not only should we find out every market opportunity, but also convert the opportunity into the biggest profit. Optimizing the resource allocation, efficient operation and scientific management will ensure our groups steady and healthy development.
        Management Principle: To Manage the Workforce with Optimal Systems and Provide Sufficient Room for Employees to Realize Their Personal Value
          For XIAGC, strict and clear disciplines and standards are the prerequisite to ensure safe operation. Standardization does not mean restraint. Rather, it is the standardization of the system that ensures the efficiency and room for the growth of the employee. XIAGC is not merely a company; it's more of a grand cause. It provides the wings for the takeoff of all XIAGC employees with ambitions for greater achievements.
        Employees Are Our Most Valuable Assets
          We define qualified and competent employees as XIAGC people with both moral integrity and capabilities for initiatives and innovations. We regard our employees as the company's most valuable assets of the company. We provide them with not only competitive remuneration packages, but also a stage for them to realize their personal value. Therefore, we endeavor to provide our employees with the most comprehensive trainings and opportunities for pay increases and promotions to ensure the mutual growth of the employee and the company; we also encourage trust, understanding and communication between the employee and the company. This helps us to facilitate the pursuit and realization of the personal value of each and every employee while promoting further expansion of the company.
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