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              Consisting of Strait Travel Media Company and Fliport HSSY Company, etc, with focus on brand planning and creativity, event planning and organization as core business, supported by media and exhibition resources, artwork management platform and big data applications, providing customers with high quality brand design in full service and operation platform, committed to becoming the most influential comprehensive media group in the Western Taiwan Strait Area.

        Fujian Panport Advertising Co., Ltd.
               Established by Xiamen Iport Group and Shanghai Asiaray Advertising Company as joint venture, specializes in the operation of advertising media at airports and harbors in Fujian, aiming to provide most valuable service chain for customers through exploring media business and brand management business.
        Xiamen Fliport HSSY International Cultural & Art Development Co., Ltd
        Fujian Fliport Strait Media Co., Ltd.
               It is a joint venture founded by Xiamen Iport Group and Fujian Provincial Tourism Institute. Its core business includes publishing STRAIT TRAVEL magazine, providing MICE service for Travel Fair, creative planning for travel culture activities and exploring tourism destination.
        Tourist Centre
               Xiamen airport tourist centre not only operates tour information consulting service but also provides customers with comprehensive services integrating catering, accommodations, shopping, tour and entertainment

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