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        ◆ Investment Principle
        Conform to the State’s relative law, regulations and industrial policies;
        Conform to the development strategy of Iport Group: Refining airport management and expanding related industries;
        Highlighting the development direction with airport, hotel and logistics as main business, the investment program should benefit to improve the core competiveness of the Group.

        ◆ Present Investment Situation
        According to the industrial chain, Iport Group has formed 4 business section--airport, hotel, logistics and auxiliary through program investment, from airport to harbor,passenger transport to tourism, passengers to logistics, purchase to hotels,agriculture to technology and property to public relation. The vision of becoming an enterprise group of continuously promoting progress in modern service with passengers and freight flow as its leading factors is realizing each day.

        ◆ Investment Direction
        The major investment direction is airport, hotel, logistic and relative auxiliary business.

        ◆ Aiport business
        Based on the four airports i.e. Xiamen Gaoqi, Fuzhou Changle, Wuyishan and Longyan Guanzhaishan Airport, the organization has gradually developed to a giant cross-regional airport management corporation through mergers & acquisitions.

        ◆ Hotel business
        The Hotel Group has built up 4 brand series--Fliport Hotel, Fliport Resort, Fliport Garden and Fliport Inn to explore a new modern service mode and is gradually developing to a hotel management group with leading influence in national radiation through self construction, operation and output management.

        ◆ Logistics business
        Through the investment and construction on An-port Logistics, An-port Cold Chain and An-port E-commerce, builds up the professional third party public logistics service platform.

        ◆ Auxiliary business
        According to the principle of being regional No.1 and No.1 in segmented market, the investment includes intelligent technology, advertising, floriculture, port property, harbor and passenger transportation etc., which supports the other three sections of Iport Group-- the airport, hotel and logistics.

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